Marvel Gave Robert Downey Jr. the Giant "A" From 'Avengers'

This is why movie stars shouldn't ask for things as a joke
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP
Robert Downey Jr.

Apparently, Robert Downey Jr. has everything he could ever want, from A to … well, he definitely has the "A" part covered.

The Iron Man star revealed in a BBC Radio One interview that Marvel gave him the 30-foot-tall "A" that appeared on the Stark Tower sign in The Avengers after he asked for it as a joke. 

"On the last Avengers, there's this scene where there's this 'A' which is probably 30 feet tall, and I'm looking at it, and we're shooting in England, and I go, 'I need that in my office in Venice,' " Downey said. 

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"About two weeks ago, a wheeler showed up, I'm like, 'What the heck is this doing here?' " he said. "And they go, 'This is the 'A' you asked for.' And I go, 'They brought it?' So now we have a massive Avengers 'A' that will be prominently placed."

Downey was clearly well-compensated for the film, and not just in ridiculously oversized letters of the alphabet. The actor, who is in talks to appear in Captain America 3, has confirmed he earned $50 million for The Avengers

We hope Ben Affleck isn't reading this story, given that Warner Bros. wasn't too keen on him taking home the Batman v. Superman prop of his choosing. 

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