Marvel Global Comics Makes the House of Ideas Multilingual

Marvel goes international with a new iOS app that offers its comic book output in 12 different languages.
Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

Even though the Marvel Universe tends to be focused in America doesn't mean that its characters don't have a global appeal -- one that Marvel plans to take advantage of with its new Marvel Global Comics app.

Created in partnership with iVerse, Marvel Global Comics offers single issues and collected editions of Marvel titles in 12 different languages, including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Russian and Hebrew. The deal is described by both parties as a "multiyear agreement."

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"Marvel has incredible fans all around the world, and we're excited to bring digital comics to their mobile devices in their native languages," Marvel vp digital products Kristin Vincent said about the launch. iVerse CEO Michael Murphey added that his staff were "lifelong fans of Marvel -- their characters and their content," calling the chance to partner with the company on this app "an honor."

The app launches in the Apple Store today, with additional platforms currently scheduled to be added later this year.