Marvel to Create Pop-Up Fine Dining Restaurant in Hong Kong

Doom_Feast - P 2015
<p>Doom_Feast - P 2015</p>   |   Jack Kirby/Marvel Entertainment
The three-day 'Heroes and Villains' eatery will feature a new eight-course meal every night.

Call them Earth's tastiest heroes.

Marvel Entertainment has announced that it is teaming up with chefs Alvin Leung and Chris Cosentino to create a three-night pop-up dinner series titled Heroes and Villains in Hong Kong restaurant Bo Innovation this November, creating eight all-new "Marvel-themed" courses each night.

The three-night event launches Nov. 2 with an eight-course meal created by Top Chef Masters winner Consentino, inspired by his favorite Marvel characters — or, perhaps, the ones with the most obvious food connection. (Howard the Duck has got to be a gimme as a point of reference, surely.) Leung contributes a further eight courses inspired by his own Marvel favorites the following night, with the two chefs following a mighty Marvel tradition by teaming up for the final night's meal.

While the combination of food and superheroics might seem like an unusual one outside of fast food-related promotional tie-ins for the superhero movie du jour, Marvel actually has some experience here; last year, the company launched 3 Course Comics, a series of videos that was part-cooking show, part-interviews with comic professionals.

Seating at each night of the Heroes and Villains pop-up is limited to 50, so for those who happen to be in Asia's World City in a couple of weeks, better make reservations now. Everyone else looking for an authentic superhero eating experience, there are always Hostess Fruit Pies ...