Marvel to Launch Sophisticated, Layered 'X-Force'

The company streamlines its spinoff from the "X-Men" franchise with a new series mixing current affairs and a "take-no-prisoners attitude toward action," according to writer Si Spurrier.
Rock He-Kim/Marvel Entertainment

As no less an authority than the Spice Girls once tunefully taught us, two can become one -- as in the case of Marvel's X-Men spinoff franchise X-Force, which is replacing its two current incarnations with one brand-new team and series next year.

The new series -- simply titled X-Force -- will replace Marvel's contemporary Uncanny X-Force and Cable and X-Force book, with writer Si Spurrier and artist Rock He-Kim taking charge of the concept that can be summed up in the phrase "Black Ops X-Men."

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Spurrier told USA Today that he's not interested in mindless violence for the sake of violence, however. "What I've taken from those early X-Force episodes is a take-no-prisoners attitude toward action," he admitted. "But I like to think I've injected a little post-millennial sophistication, too. This isn't a steroidal macho-fest."

The new series will be "playing with a lot of layers," according to Spurrier, including "factionalism, politics, violence, plus all the very human-level dramas that underpin any good team book." The writer promised that the new series will feature its characters engaging in "extremely questionable" acts that will invite a potentially uncomfortable level of interaction with the readers, as they, "like the characters themselves, are going to have to come to terms with that and decide how they feel about it."

The new X-Force launches in February.