Marvel Launches 75th Birthday Celebrations (Video)

A new video from the "Avengers," "X-Men" and "Spider-Man" publisher heralds a year of celebrating the release of "Marvel Comics" number 1.
Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the release of the first issue of Marvel Comics, the first series from the publisher that would one day grow into the Marvel Entertainment that fans know and love. Today, the company released a video previewing its birthday celebrations.

Marvel has had a complicated relationship with its official launch date; although Marvel Comics no. 1 was released in 1939, the Marvel Universe as is today recognized officially got its start with 1961’s Fantastic Four no. 1 — something that led the company to celebrate its official 25th anniversary in November 1986, just 28 years before this year’s 75th anniversary.

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To make matters more complicated, “Marvel Comics Group” only became the official publisher of record on the Marvel titles in 1973; before then, the publisher as named in the indicia had gone through a number of incarnations, including “Vista Publications, Inc.,” “Perfect Film & Chemical Corp.” and “Magazine Management Co.,” each one owned by Marvel owner Martin Goodman.

The promotional video avoids such oddness, with editor-in-chief Axel Alonso instead talking about the company’s creative legacy. “The word ‘Marvel’ has become synonymous with the highest quality entertainment worldwide,” he explained before teasing an exploration of the company’s history throughout multiple media. Watch the video below.