Marvel Launches 'Cyclops' Into Space With New Solo Comic Series

Cyclops Promo Art - P 2014
<p>Cyclops Promo Art - P 2014</p>   |   Alexander Lozano/Marvel Entertainment
The longtime leader of the X-Men to go at it alone in a new series, written by Greg Rucka, that's set in outer space.

Marvel continues to expand its X-Men comic book franchise with the news that Cyclops -- one of the first characters to appear in the series, and arguably the longest-serving X-Man following the death of Charles Xavier in 2012's Avengers vs. X-Men event -- will be receiving his first ongoing solo series later this year.

Written by Greg Rucka, with art by Russell Dauterman, the new series surprisingly takes the long-suffering Scott Summers into space as he re-unites with his father, the space pirate Corsair, whom he believed had died.

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"One of the duties of the X-Men -- we've talked about this for years and years -- is the metaphor of being the outsider group," Rucka told Comic Book Resources about the new series. "One of the things that Marvel has always done so well is talk about teenage trauma, and the difficulties of that. In so many ways, Scott is perfectly that. He is a young man trying to be a good man, and trying to stand for what he believes in, and trying to figure out how to love, and how to make new things work, and how to be responsible for other people -- which is a huge thing."

To further complicate matters, the series focuses on one of two different versions of the character in current Marvel comic book continuity. As a result of the All-New X-Men series from which this new series spins off, there is the "regular" Cyclops -- a grown man who has served with the X-Men for his entire adult life, and a time-displaced teen Cyclops, brought into the present from the start of his superhero career. The new series will focus on the latter, while the former version continues to anchor the ongoing Uncanny X-Men series.

"This is the Scott they know from those early, early days," Rucka explained. "How he changes, and what he learns, and where this takes him, I think is a worthwhile story. I think that's a fun adventure. I think it's going to be a hoot and a holler, and I'm hoping that people will come along and enjoy it with us."

The latest in a number of announcements of ongoing series spotlighting individual X-Men (Magneto and Nightcrawler launching in March and April, respectively), Cyclops launches in May.