Marvel Launches 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Travel Site to Explore Cinematic Universe

Prepare to launch into space with an interstellar travel agency inviting you to the main locations for James Gunn's Marvel Studios movie.
Marvel Studios

Looking to learn a little more about the galaxy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of August's Guardians of the Galaxy? A new viral site for the movie, disguised as an interstellar travel agency called "Galaxy Getaways," is ready to help you do just that.

The site offers users the chance to explore Morag —"a place for only the most adventurous," apparently — as well as the Nova Corps home world of Xandar and Knowhere, a party planet that "does debauchery better." Each of the planets is explorable using "Street View" and comes with a weather report for the day (Xandar, for example, is sunny and 85 degrees, whereas Morag has a 70 percent chance of a meteor shower).

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The site also offers the chance to play the "I Am Groot" game, take a quiz to discover what type of galactic traveler you are ("Fanny pack lover, tree hugger, sexy assassin, intellectual or maniac?" it asks), and create a galactic travel card to share on social media and get more people interested in the possibilities available in James Gunn's space opera.

It's a fun idea (If nothing else, the introductory video is worth the time you'll spend on the site alone), and a good way to introduce audiences completely unfamiliar with anything about Marvel's wider universe of characters and concepts to what they need to know ahead of Guardians itself. Of course, now I am kind of wishing that I could take a detour to Xandar later this month, just as a quick getaway ...