New Trailer Attempts to Explain What 'Marvel Legacy' Actually Is

Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso appear in a new video unpacking the company's latest comic book relaunch.
Courtesy of Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

For Marvel Entertainment's comic book division, September is an important month. With the controversial Secret Empire storyline coming to a close, the end of the month means the launch of Marvel Legacy, the line-wide rebrand and relaunch for its superhero comic line, and a new trailer aims to explain what Legacy is all about.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't exactly address fan confusion over what exactly Legacy is — is it a storyline, a brand or something else altogether? In fact, it arguably confuses the subject even more by failing to distinguish between the launch title Marvel Legacy No. 1 and the 53 comic books published with the Marvel Legacy banner afterwards; when executive editor Tom Brevoort says "Marvel Legacy is a sweeping, all-encompassing epic that set up and key off secrets and surprises and storylines," he's presumably referring to the singular comic called Marvel Legacy — he immediately follows it by saying, "It's your one, must-buy comic" — but what, then, are the other Marvel Legacy comics?

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has an answer of sorts. "The Legacy era will usher in the return of some of your favorite classic characters, but not at the expense of the new characters you've recently fallen in love with," he explains later in the video. "Legacy will show you, over time, that there's room for Peter Parker and Miles Morales — the question is, what roads are they going to travel."

In the end, Brevoort appears to sum up the entire enterprise as an exercise in nostalgia. "Marvel Legacy is our attempt to go back to the roots, the bedrock, of storytelling that is the Marvel Universe," he says. "You'll see old faces back [that] you haven't seen in awhile, you'll see callbacks to classic tales of the past — it basically is a celebration 50-plus years of storytelling."

Marvel Legacy No. 1, launching the new initiative — whatever it may be — is released Sept. 27. Watch the new trailer below.