Marvel Mailing Teases Second Comic Book 'Civil War'

Civil War Punch - H 2014
<p>Civil War Punch - H 2014</p>   |   Steve McNiven/Marvel Entertainment
Just in time for 'Captain America: Civil War' movie, the comic book Cap and Iron Man seem to be fighting again ...

Ahead of this weekend's New York Comic Con, Marvel Entertainment is once again teasing a return to one of its most successful series of the past two decades — just in time for the movie adaptation's release next year.

Ryan Higgins, a California-based comic book retailer shared a postcard he received from Marvel via Twitter Monday morning, featuring an image of the current incarnations of Iron Man and Captain America slugging it out, with the flip side of the postcard featuring just the roman number II and the legend "Spring 2016." The Iron Man/Cap image is, notably, drawn by Steve McNiven, artist on Marvel's original 2006 Civil War series.

Whether or not "Spring 2016" sees a second comic book Civil War — Marvel did, after all, run a similar tease campaign this time last year, only for it to end up promoting the alternate-world Civil War tie-in to the publisher's current Secret Wars comic book line — it will see the release of Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel Studios movie loosely adapted from Mark Millar's comic book storyline.

With Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. offering up a cinematic reprise of the inter-hero mash-up, synergy would suggest that Marvel's comic book line returned to the same well at the same time — especially given that collected editions of the original series have continued to be amongst Marvel's most successful releases in the decade since its release. But what would make the heroes line up against each other again?

Marvel did not respond to a request for comment.