Marvel Multiplies Spider-Man for 'Edge of Spider-Verse' Series

The five-issue series will introduce parallel versions of the popular character ahead of this November's "Spider-Verse" storyline in the main "Amazing Spider-Man" title.
Mike del Mundo/Marvel Entertainment

Before Spider-Man teams up with alternate versions of himself from multiple parallel realities in this fall's event storyline "Spider-Verse," Marvel Entertainment will launch Edge of Spider-Verse, a miniseries introducing new takes on one of Marvel's most iconic characters.

The five-issue series will feature a different Spider-Man (and in one case, a Spider-Woman), with different writers and artists responsible for every issue, including Marvel debuts for horror novelist Clay McLeod Chapman and former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, who wrote the fourth and fifth issues of the series, respectively.

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"I didn't want this to be just another group of stories leading up to an event. I wanted it to be special. So the creators were what I thought of first. And I'm really, really proud of the people I've got on these issues," series editor Nick Lowe told Comic Book Resources.

"Edge of Spider-Verse" expands beyond this one series, with issues of the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 series, and the two-issue revival of Superior Spider-Man, all featuring the branding to demonstrate their connection to the upcoming "Spider-Verse" storyline.

"These are all stories that lead into 'Spider-Verse,' " Lowe explained. "By 'Edge' we mean that you're crossing the edge of the 'Spider-Verse' and about to turn into its driveway. Some of the characters in this miniseries will have pretty major roles in 'Spider-Verse.' "

The Edge of Spider-Verse series launches in September, with the main "Spider-Verse" storyline scheduled for a November launch.