Marvel Names New Senior Editor of 'Spider-Man' Comic Line

Nick Lowe, formerly an editorial father figure of the "X-Men" family, steps in to take charge of the friendly neighborhood franchise.
Pascul Ferry/Marvel Entertainment

Changes continue to be afoot in the editorial halls of Marvel Entertainment's comic division. Following the news that Mike Marts has joined the company as an executive editor from a position at main competitor DC Entertainment, the publisher has now announced that Nick Lowe has been named senior editor of the Spider-Man line.

Despite the name of the line -- officially, the publisher refers to it as "Spider-Man related titles" in today's announcement -- there's more to these books than The Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up and Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Indeed, the line contains many of the publisher's most critically-acclaimed titles, including the award-winning Hawkeye and Daredevil series.

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Until December, the line had been led by senior editor Stephen Wacker, who has since been promoted to the position of vice president at Marvel Animation. Lowe had previously been senior editor of Marvel's X-Men line, a position he'd held since 2011, recently overseeing a high-profile relaunch of the franchise with the All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and Amazing X-Men series across the last 15 months.

"I’ve loved Spider-Man since I stole my brother’s Spidey comics back in the '90s,” Lowe said in a statement accompanying the news. “It’s a huge honor to be working on Marvel’s most popular character."

Marvel has not announced who will take over the X-Men franchise following Lowe's departure. In a small coincidence, another Marvel executive editor, Tom Brevoort, explained this morning on Tumblr that Mike Marts "is going to be editing books directly" at Marvel, so it's possible that he will return to the franchise that he worked on in his last time at the publisher.