Marvel Offers 'Unlimited Plus' Digital Subscription to Fans

What happens when you love Marvel's superheroes too much for the company's Marvel Unlimited digital comics subscription? As of Tuesday, you sign up for Marvel Unlimited Plus, of course.
Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

Okay, so you might have watched Marvel's The Avengers and Iron Man 3 a few times in theaters and made sure to pick up all the Age of Ultron issues and assorted tie-ins earlier this year, but are you really a Marvel Entertainment fan? There's one sure way to prove it to any doubters: Sign up for a membership of Marvel Unlimited Plus, a new initiative that's part digital subscription, part next generation fan club.

According to the publisher, the new program -- which costs $99 for an annual subscription -- allows fans to "cement their place as true members of the Marvel Universe, gaining unprecedented entry to their favorite characters, creators, merchandise and more!" What that actually translates to is access to over 13,000 digital back issues for web, iOS and "select Android devices," as well as limited edition action figures, a discount at the Marvel Digital Comic Shop and the nebulous, to-be-defined-later "Exclusive Member Con Events."

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"We’re always looking for new ways to elevate [fans'] relationship with the Marvel Universe and diverse cast of characters," said Peter Phillips, svp and GM of Marvel’s Digital Media Group, in the announcement of the program. "Marvel Unlimited Plus is that next level, rewarding fans for their exceptional loyalty while bringing them closer than ever to the content they love so much."

For fans who are less interested in the additional benefits and just want to read the comics sans discounts and other accoutrements, there's always a $69 annual plan (or $9.99 monthly) that just offers access to the 13,000 online comics. Just remember, though, that you won't be a "true" member of the Marvel Universe if you select that option.