Marvel Offers 'Wolverine' Digital Freebie

Marvel celebrates the holidays -- and the success of its fan-favorite cinematic mutant -- with a free gift for those redeeming digital download codes throughout December.
Paco Diaz/Marvel Entertainment

For more than a year, certain Marvel Comics titles have been released as bundles with free digital download codes accompanying the print edition. Beginning tomorrow, fans looking to redeem those codes will get more than they bargained for, with the publisher adding the first issue of digital-only series Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted to redeemed codes throughout the month of December.

Japan's Most Wanted was a 13-part weekly series created by Wolverine and the X-Men writer Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and artist Paco Diaz that ran earlier this year, coinciding with the release of Fox's The Wolverine and launching a year-long program of digital-only releases in Marvel's "Infinite Comic" format (It was followed by the current Iron Man: Final Frontier series).

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Marvel announced today that the first issue of the series -- which originally sold for $2.99 -- will be offered to those redeeming the digital download code of any Marvel comic via the Marvel app between Dec. 6 and 31.

Presumably, this gift is an attempt to build a new audience for the series in time for any holiday gifting -- what says "Christmas" like download codes for a mutant racing around Japan, being chased by ninjas and homicidal super villains, after all? -- but it also acts as a way of drawing attention to the series again ahead of next year's print collection, released in March.