Marvel Promises 'Unprecedented' Promotion for 'Original Sin' Storyline

Marvel Entertainment tells retailers that this summer's big comic book storyline "will reach unprecedented levels of marketing and promotion."
Mike Deodato Jr./Marvel Entertainment

With the buzz for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy reaching new heights, Marvel Entertainment has announced a push to get people similarly excited about Original Sin, the company’s comic book event storyline of the summer, promising “unprecedented” marketing and promotion for the series.

In an email to comic speciality retailers, Marvel announced Tuesday that Original Sin — a murder mystery that will expose hidden secrets for many of the company’s best-known characters — will be promoted through online advertising, television placements (including Agents of SHIELD Declassified, ABC’s on-demand spin-off from its Marvel series) and radio campaigns as well as “high-profile press estimated to be seen and heard by millions of potential consumers.”

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Advertisements for the storyline, which runs across multiple series from May through September, will also appear in Marvel publications beginning this month, with the company also releasing exclusive material intended for free distribution by retailers, including lithographs, postcards and the already-announced glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeballs.

“Original Sin will reach unprecedented levels of marketing and promotion, exceeding the mass media buzz of any other previous event in Marvel’s comic book history,” the company explained in the email, which "strongly encouraged" retailers to examine their order levels for the comics that include the story. Given the amount of attention Marvel has received for killing Spider-Man (twice), killing the Human Torch and killing Captain America over the past decade or so, that’s a pretty bold claim — but if nothing else, at least they’ve ensured that death will be part of the storyline this time around.

Original Sin launches in May, following a prolog “zero issue” this month.