Marvel to Publish Graphic Novel Based on ABC's 'Revenge'

"The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne," co-written by the show's Ted Sullivan, will flash back to the first time the show's main character set out to settle scores.
Dustin Nguyen/Marvel Entertainment

If you thought that there was more to Emily Thorne -- the lead character of ABC's guilty pleasure Revenge -- than met the eye, then Marvel Entertainment is proud to confirm your suspicions with a new graphic novel, Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne.

According to the publisher, the 112-page graphic novel follows a young Amanda Clarke -- Thorne's real name -- on "her first mission of revenge," as she infiltrates high society in Switzerland to uncover information about her past and deal with "a surprising enemy with ties to the same people who destroyed her life."

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The graphic novel will be co-written by Erica Schultz and Revenge series writer Ted Sullivan, who explained that Emily already fits many of the criteria for a Marvel character. "She has a secret identity. She poses as a rich socialite who exacts revenge for a childhood tragedy. Even her famous dark 'hoodie' is a type of superhero costume," he said in a statement accompanying today's news. Art for the book comes from Vincenzo Balzano.

The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne is just the latest in a series of graphic novels produced by Marvel to tie in with shows produced by its Disney sibling ABC Studios, following Once Upon A Time: Shadow of the Queen and multiple Castle projects. The book is scheduled for a September 3 release.