Marvel to Relaunch 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Comic in 2019

First teaser image for the January debut asks #WhoAreTheGuardians?
Geoff Shaw/Marvel Entertainment
First teaser image for the January debut asks #WhoAreTheGuardians?

Nine months after the end of the previous comic book series, Marvel Entertainment is teasing a relaunch of the Guardians of the Galaxy — and suggesting that the future lineup of the group could be considerably different from what fans are expecting.

In a teaser image released this weekend, the tagline #WhoAreTheGuardians is displayed alongside a visual of a large collection of Marvel’s cosmic characters, including past and current members of the team alongside characters who have never been part of the group, including Thor supporting character Beta Ray Rill, two X-Men-related intergalactic groups (the Imperial Guard and the Starjammers) and Cosmic Ghost Rider, a recently created combination of Ghost Rider and the Punisher that has quickly become a fan-favorite character.

The image is a teaser for a new Guardians series set to launch in January 2019 by writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw (not coincidentally, the creative team on the current Cosmic Ghost Rider miniseries). On Twitter, Cates wrote, “We are so excited and we have some *insane* plans!”

Since the end of the previous run of the series, the characters have been appearing in the current Infinity Wars comic book miniseries, which has seen the existing team turn on each other over the ownership of the Infinity Gems. That series, written by former Guardians of the Galaxy writer Gerry Duggan, is set to conclude in December.