Marvel Releases 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Trailer Preview

Walking, running, hitting things with patriotic shields -- tomorrow's trailer for the second "Captain America" promises much in the way of physical activity.
Marvel Studios

Wondering what to expect from the trailer for Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Some slow walking, a bit of fast running and a new hairstyle for Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow -- or, at least, that's what can be gathered from Marvel's trailer for the trailer of the movie.

The 10-second montage teasing tomorrow's debut of the move's first trailer was released today via Marvel's YouTube channel, offering glimpses at Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson striding with purpose in slow motion, Evans in action both in and out of the Captain America costume, Johansson looking off-camera for some unknown reason and, most importantly, the first glimpse of Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier in action -- although, admittedly, he's out of focus and visible for less than a second (He's the long-haired brunet with the metal arm at 0:07).

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The full trailer -- which hopefully will offer a little bit more in terms of dialogue, hints at the movie's plot and shots of the main players in which they're clearly visible -- is set to debut tomorrow via Apple's iTunes Trailers.