Marvel Releases Digital 'All-New Marvel NOW! Previews' Title

The Ghost of Comics Future arrives early, with Marvel offering sneak peeks at seven "All-New Marvel NOW!" series via a digital freebie.
John Cassaday/Marvel Entertainment

How soon is NOW!? The answer, it might surprise some, turns out to be "sooner than you think," with Marvel Comics releasing a free digital preview of seven of its "All-New Marvel NOW!" titles today, weeks -- and, in some cases, months -- ahead of the series' official release.

All-New Marvel NOW! Previews #1 offers pages from the first issues of Avengers World, All-New Invaders, Black Widow and All-New X-Factor, as well as excerpts from the upcoming issues of Thunderbolts, All-New X-Men and Savage Wolverine that tie those series into the "All-New Marvel NOW!" promotion.

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Described as "some of the best and most exciting comics on the market from some of the industry's most acclaimed creators," the first issue of the Previews series is currently available through Marvel's Digital Comic Store, as well as through the Marvel app and ComiXology webstore and app. The issue will also be made available in print format this Wednesday in comic stores across the U.S. All-New Marvel NOW! officially launches on December 24 with the release of Avengers #24.NOW, by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.