Marvel Releases 'Years of Future Past' Teaser Image

Are the X-Men going back in time (again)?
Art Adams/Marvel Entertainment

Not content with teasing revivals of both Civil War and Age of Ultron recently, a new promotional image from Marvel has suggested that a classic X-Men storyline is also about to be revisited following its big-screen debut. Is anyone ready for Years of Future Past?

Beyond its title, the image by Art Adams clearly harkens back to the original “Days of Future Past” story with its choice of characters and costumes matching those from the 1981 comic book storyline. In addition to the period-consistent X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the promotional image also features both the Sentinels and future incarnations of Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers from the original storyline.

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As with the earlier Civil War and Age of Ultron teaser images, Marvel is declining to reveal any more details about what is actually being teased, instead offering the same “Summer 2015” text to accompany the image’s release. Whatever it ends up being, Years is far from the first time that Marvel has returned to "Days of Future Past" as inspiration; the storyline has received multiple sequels in the decades since its publication, including a 1990 crossover with the Fantastic Four titled "Days of Future Present" and subsequent storyline "Days of Future Yet to Come."

Whether or not this teaser is related to last week’s Secret Wars announcement from the publisher, it seems that Marvel is planning a deep dive into its own history next year. How soon before we get an Evolutionary War teaser? (That's not a request, I hasted to add.)

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