Marvel Returns to Roots for New 'Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu' Series

The mini-series will mix influences from Bruce Lee to Jason Bourne, according to writer Mike Benson.
Dave Johnson/Marvel Entertainment

The latest member of Marvel's Avengers to receive the spotlight is definitely an unexpected one, with the news that Shang-Chi, the martial artist who has only been with the team since the launch of the most recent volume, is to star in a new Deadly Hands of Kung Fu series that mixes martial arts with international intrigue.

Written by former Entourage writer Mike Benson with art by X-Men: Legacy's Tan Eng Huat, the series will follow the character as he sets out to investigate -- and ultimately, avenge -- the death of someone from his past.

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In an interview with to announce the project, Benson called the new series "a combination of the [original 1970s incarnation of the series], which really was heavy on Bruce Lee, David Carradine and all those great Sunday afternoon Shaw Brothers films mixed with a heavy helping of the Bourne films."

He continued: "I always loved reading the mini stories about seemingly regular people who didn’t posses superpowers but just had an incredible skill set. That’s why I loved Bruce Lee films growing up so much. Aside from being the coolest guy to walk the planet, he was just a man who was a highly skilled martial artist but could be killed at any time. I would get the same type of rush from the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu magazine."

The four-issue series will launch this summer.