Marvel Reveals 'Avengers & X-Men: Axis' Details

The nine-part series will combine Marvel's two biggest super teams against an upgraded Red Skull.
Jim Cheung/Marvel Entertainment

Marvel has released details of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, its fall event series that teams two of the company's biggest franchises for the first time since 2012's best-selling Avengers vs. X-Men.

Speaking with USA Today, editor Tom Brevoort described the nine-issue series as "kind of a Michael Bay movie," calling it "big and spectacular and has a ton of full-out bombast." He added that it also had "a whole lot of heart that focuses on these characters' interpersonal relationships."

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The villain of the series is longtime Captain America villain the Red Skull, who has in recent years had parts of the brain of the X-Men's Professor Xavier inserted inside his own, giving him telepathic powers. Rick Remender, the writer responsible for that plot development, is also the writer of AXIS, and he describes the new Red Skull as "a threat that is ultimately too big for [the Avengers and X-Men] to contend with even working together."

The series is "a nice cathartic chapter in the history of the Avengers and X-Men at the worst moment in their lives," Remender said. "Writing it, there were a couple of moments where I banged on my desk and said, 'Yes! Yay, nerd!' and I got excited for it."

In addition to the Red Skull, Remender suggests that the series will feature an important turning point for Iron Man. "The Red Skull has seen things that Tony Stark is capable of and has seen value in them," he teased. Considering that Stark is a former weapons manufacturer, the implications of Stark's potential from the eyes of a genocidal Nazi might be problematic for the heroes.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS launches in October.