Marvel Reveals Which Comic Book Superhero Is Returning From the Dead this Week

Two days in advance of its 'Marvel Legacy' No. 1 release, the publisher spoils the issue's big reveal.
Courtesy of Joe Quesada/Marvel Entertainment

[Spoiler warning: This story reveals which character is returning from the grave in Marvel Legacy No. 1, which bows Wednesday. Only read further if you're ready to know which superhero is back from beyond.]

Jean Grey isn't the only member of Marvel's X-Men returning from the comic book dead in upcoming months — this week, Wolverine is going to demonstrate that he's still the best there is at what he does … and what he does is get to survive his apparent demise and show up in the least expected places, with one of the vaunted Infinity Stones in his possession.

"Yes, Logan is back from the dead," Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told about the character's revival in the upcoming Marvel Legacy No. 1. "After three years of a Logan-free Marvel Universe, Logan is back, claws popped and ready for action. How he came back, why he came back, and just how he came into possession of that Infinity Stone are part of a fascinating story that's going to unveil soon, and in some unusual places."

Alonso's comment about the past three years having been a "Logan-free Marvel Universe" isn't exactly true. Although this Wolverine died at the end of the 2014 comic book miniseries Death of Wolverine, the 2015 Secret Wars event storyline introduced "Old Man Logan" — an older version of the character from an alternate timeline — into the current day continuity, with two additional versions of the character (All-New Wolverine, actually an adult version of the X-23 character movie audiences met in last year's Logan, and Jimmy Hudson, the son of the Logan from another alternate timeline) also running around in different comic book series.

The return of Wolverine is actually the third deceased X-Men character to return from the afterlife this year. In addition to the just-announced Phoenix Resurrection comic book series launching in December, the current Astonishing X-Men series opened with the apparent resurrection of Charles Xavier, who died in 2012's Avengers vs. X-Men series. Never before has the following joke, from 1991's X-Factor No. 70, felt quite so apt:

Marvel Legacy No. 1 will be released in comic book stores and digitally Wednesday.