NYCC: Marvel Reveals Live-Action Stage Event to Launch 2014 (Video)

"Marvel Universe LIVE!" will begin a North American tour in July 2014, heading to 85 cities in its first two years.
Feld Entertainment/Marvel Entertainment.
"Marvel Universe LIVE!" will begin a North American tour in July 2014, heading to 85 cities in its first two years.

They've conquered the worlds of comic books, movies and are working on television with ABC's Agents of SHIELD, but the Marvel multimedia experience doesn't stop there, it seems -- announced at New York Comic Con Saturday afternoon was Marvel Universe LIVE!, an arena event that will let audiences get a glimpse of what it would be like to catch their favorite superheroes in the flesh.

A collaboration with Feld Entertainment, Marvel Universe LIVE! will "blow people’s minds," according to Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada. "The way in which [Feld Entertainment] will be bringing the Marvel Universe to life is truly mesmerizing, and there is no doubt in my mind it will be a can’t miss event for Marvel fans of all ages."

Juliette Feld, executive vice president and producer with Feld, said that the show "will be the most technically advanced live show to date, and will bring the Marvel Universe and its bigger-than-life superheroes and super villains to life before a live audience for the first time."

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Amongst those responsible for creating the actual show are veterans of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, 2011's Thor movie and Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando. The show will launch a North American tour in July next year, with the event heading to 85 cities across the country in its first two years.

Although this is Marvel's first such event, it follows Batman Live, a similar live-action stage show that brings DC Entertainment's Dark Knight and assorted villains and companions to life. That show launched in the United Kingdom in 2011, before beginning its North American tour in summer 2012. We can only hope that a scheduling error will bring both touring productions head-to-head at some point for a live-action version of Marvel vs. DC.