Marvel Reveals New 'Totally Awesome Hulk' Is Korean-American

Totally Awesome Hulk - H 2015
<p>Totally Awesome Hulk - H 2015</p>   |   Frank Cho/Marvel Entertainment
Teenage genius Amadeus Cho gets the gamma-irradiated genes in new series this winter

Marvel Entertainment's move towards a more diverse lineup continues with Friday's confirmation that the company's new comic book Hulk will be fan-favorite character Amadeus Cho, giving the Marvel Universe its first Korean-American leading man.

Cho, who first appeared in 2006's Amazing Fantasy No. 15, has previously served as a supporting character in both the Incredible Hulk and Incredible Herc series, written by character co-creator Greg Pak. A teenage prodigy of genius intellect, he's previously been shown to butt heads with other superheroes in the cause of the greater good — or, at least, a greater good as he sees it — and act before he's fully thought through the consequences of his actions… which is somewhat ironic for one of the self-proclaimed smartest people on the planet.

Pak returns to write Cho in the Totally Awesome Hulk series with art by Frank Cho. In a statement accompanying the reveal of the new Hulk's identity, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said that Cho would differ from earlier Hulks because he'll "carry the burden of being the Hulk like it weighs a feather. He's going to love every minute of it."

Cho's placement will continue Marvel's attempts to diversify its mainline heroes. Last year saw Sam Wilson, previously the Falcon, become Captain America, while Thor was replaced by Jane Foster as God of Thunder. Additionally, the upcoming All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch of the company's comic book line will see the African-American Miles Morales join Peter Parker as one of two Spider-Men swinging around New York City.

The company has yet to reveal what has happened to Bruce Banner prior to the series' launch, or whether Cho will be the only Hulk in the Marvel Universe when the series begins this December.