Marvel Reviving 6 Canceled Comic Series for Long Overdue Final Issues

'Master of Kung-Fu' and 'Dazzler' are among six comics returning from the dead in November and December.
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Amid fan outcry that its upcoming comic book rebranding is too backwards-looking, Marvel Entertainment has released plans for additional Marvel Legacy titles that are, if anything, even more nostalgic than the main line. It is releasing six comic books designed to act as overdue "final issues" for series that ended years ago.

As announced to retailers at San Diego Comic-Con, and now officially revealed to the public by Newsarama, Marvel will resurrect Not Brand Ecch, Master of Kung-Fu, Dazzler, Power Pack, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and Darkhawk for special issues, with the numbering of each title continuing from the previously canceled regular series.

The various series come from different parts of Marvel's past; Not Brand Ecch, for example, ended in May 1969, while both Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and Darkhawk — the most recent titles in the lineup — finished their runs with issues dated April 1995. (Master of Kung-Fu, Dazzler and Power Pack ended in 1983, 1986 and 1991, respectively.)

As unlikely as it might seem, this isn't the first time a comic book publisher has resurrected long-dead series for "new" final issues. As part of its 2009 Blackest Night storyline, which featured the dead coming back to life across its superhero universe, DC Entertainment revived eight canceled comics for one month.

The six Marvel issues will be released across November and December, with details about creators to be revealed soon.

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