Marvel Reviving Collector's Stamps Program After 40 Years

Yes, there will be an album involved, philatelist fans.
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment
Yes, there will be an album involved, philatelist fans.

Marvel Entertainment is reviving a piece of its comic book history this fall, with the debut issues of the publisher's Marvel Legacy bringing back the Marvel Value Stamp program more than four decades after it was originally shelved.

The original Marvel Value Stamp program ran in two series from 1974-1976, with each series featuring 100 stamps printed in different issues of Marvel comics at the time. Fans were invited to clip and save, or collect in a stamp album sold via mail order direct from Marvel's offices. Though it was popular at the time, the program has become less beloved in later years for the simple fact that it left literal holes in a number of back issues from the period.

The new program will feature 53 stamps — one for each comic book series included as part of the Marvel Legacy branding — printed on inserts to be included inside the first Legacy-branded issues of each title, thereby avoiding the potential for having to cut up the comic itself to get to the stamp. Once again, Marvel will offer a stamp book, with details to be released at a later date.

The insert nature of the new program brings to mind Valiant Entertainment's 2016 promotion for its Harbinger Renegade comic book launch, with the first four issues featuring coupon inserts which could be redeemed for an exclusive mail-in-only comic book.

The first Marvel Legacy titles, complete with new Marvel Value Stamps, will be released in October.