Hasbro Dolls Will Re-create Classic Marvel Covers This Winter

Marvel Rising Action Doll Covers-H-2018
Marvel Entertainment
Five 'Marvel Rising Action Doll' special editions will be released in December and January.

In a cross-promotional effort, Marvel Entertainment will publish a series of variant editions of comic books in December featuring Hasbro’s Marvel Rising dolls, based on Marvel Entertainment’s all-ages initiative focusing on younger heroes. Yes, the synergy is just a little confusing.

According to Marvel, four December issues and one in January — Champions No. 27, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl No. 39, Captain America No. 6, Defenders: The Best Defense No. 1 and Avengers No. 12 — will be released with alternate covers that are re-creations of classic Marvel covers from the past five decades, with specially posed dolls from Hasbro’s toyline taking the place of the comic book characters.

In a statement underscoring the element of promotion for the Hasbro toys inherent in the concept, Marvel vp content and character development Sana Amanat said, “These covers are such a wonderful way of celebrating Marvel Rising while honoring the legacy of the great Marvel heroes that came before. They’re a true testament to the vastness of the Marvel Universe and the incredible way they can come to life with these amazingly awesome Hasbro action dolls. I wish I had these when I was a kid!" 

Marvel’s announcement of the promotion helpfully added, “The entire lineup of Hasbro’s Marvel Rising Action Dolls are available exclusively at Target!”

The covers being homaged are 1973’s Captain Marvel No. 29 (Champions), 1982’s Wolverine No. 1 (Squirrel Girl), 1964’s Avengers No. 4 (Captain America), 1968’s Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD No. 4 (Defenders) and 2005’s The New Avengers No. 7 (Avengers).

The first of the covers to be released will be Champions No. 27 and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl No. 39, both scheduled to bow Dec. 12.