Marvel Sets Creative Team for 'Ultraman' Comic Series

Marvel Ultraman - Publicity - H 2020
Ed McGuinness/Marvel Entertainment
The new title is set to launch later this year.

In what might be one of the more unexpected announcements from C2E2 in Chicago this weekend, Marvel Entertainment announced the creative team for its ongoing comic book series based on Tsuburaya Productions’ pop culture icon Ultraman.

Initially debuting in the short-lived series Urutora Ky? in 1966, Ultraman — also known as the Ultra Series, given the number of different Ultramen there have been in the franchise’s 50-plus year history — centers around the futuristic defender of humanity against all manner of suitably unlikely alien menaces. One of the most popular superhero characters in Japan, Ultraman has been near continuously present in both television and movies since his debut.

Marvel initially announced a deal with Tsuburaya Productions for a U.S. series featuring the character in November, but no further news followed until the announcement during the “Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing” panel that Self/Made writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom will co-write the ongoing series, with Francesco Manna (Captain Marvel, Cloak and Dagger) and Ed McGuinness (Avengers, Hulk) illustrating. Promotional artwork was also released, as can be seen above and below.

No launch date was given for the series, though its release is expected later this year. More information will be issued about the series, including plot details, in the near future.