Marvel Sets 'Non-Stop Spider-Man' Comic for This Summer

Non-Stop Spider-Man Cover - Publicity - H 2020
David Finch/Marvel Entertainment
The title comes from the creative team of Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo.

In the competitive world of superheroing, it’s no longer enough to be amazing. Starting this summer, Marvel Entertainment is going to make sure Peter Parker’s problems don’t even slow down in the newly announced comic book series Non-Stop Spider-Man.

As the title suggests, Non-Stop will see creators Joe Kelly (The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man/Deadpool) and Chris Bachalo (Deadpool, X-Men) teaming for a series that Marvel describes as a comic that “will combine the pulse-pounding action Spidey is known for with even more pulse-pounding action!”

Non-Stop Spider-Man is, for me, the best of what Marvel comics can be: relentless action, epic storytelling, mind-melting art, and relevant themes, all grounded by the heart and soul of one of my all-time favorite characters, Spider-Man,” Kelly said Thursday in a statement released by the publisher. “Chris and I want to redline your adrenaline and shatter your hearts, giggling the whole time. Please sign your waivers and gather your safety gear of choice before issue one comes out. I truly can't wait for this. Buckle up, Tigers.”

The series was announced at ComicsPRO, the annual meeting of comic book retailers and publishers currently taking place in Portland, Oregon. Also announced at the event by Marvel is a comic book adaptation of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by Jody Houser and Will Sliney that will include new material unseen in the movie.

Both series are set to launch in June.