Marvel Spins 'X-Men' Storylines Out of Comics, Into Mobile Gaming

Battle of the Atom Storm - P 2013
<p>Battle of the Atom Storm - P 2013</p>   |   Marvel Entertainment/GREE
Tying in with the publisher's 50th anniversary storyline, Marvel teams with GREE to launch "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" mobile card game.

Comics fans may be used to storylines that cross over from one comic series to another, but Marvel Entertainment has something slightly different up its sleeve for this fall's X-Men 50th anniversary storyline "Battle of the Atom": a plot that crosses over from one medium to another.

Marvel has teamed with mobile-gaming company GREE for X-Men: Battle of the Atom, a game that will accompany the October-launching storyline and feature what GREE describes as "a time-twisting narrative tie-in" to the plot of the comic books. According to an interview with Marvel's Interactive Manager, Chris Baker, the objective of the game is "to celebrate 50 years of X-Men, and we're doing it right, both in terms of characters and popular story arcs."

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Baker went on to say that the card battle game will launch with cards tying in with current and recent versions of the X-Men characters but will eventually include "multiple iterations of many characters throughout the 'true' history of X-Men comics as well as alternate timelines." Each card will have biographies of the character featured, as well as suggestions for further reading that will be available on Marvel's Digital Comics app.

"We're not going to adapt every single X-Men story ever told here," Baker said. "But within the next few years, you’ll definitely see most of the biggest events at least represented in some way, if not full-on adapted as part of the story mode." Participants will be able to play together across both iOS and Android platforms when the game launches later this fall. Of course, the real trick would be finding some way to make the comic books reflect the results of gameplay, but that would seem to be impossible so far…right?