Marvel and 'Star Wars' Prepare to Get Infinite (Report)

A report claims that the next generation of Disney Infinity will include characters from "Star Wars" and Marvel's superhero library.

For more than a year now, fans have expected a crossover between the Marvel Universe and the worlds of Star Wars -- and now it seems that prospect might be closer than they suspected.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Disney Interactive is developing new versions of its Disney Infinity video game that will feature characters from "Disney's Marvel superhero unit and the Star Wars universe," although the definition of "new versions" is left unclear -- these could be expansions for the current version of the game, or part of the in-development Infinity 2.

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Disney Infinity already allows players to bring together characters from various Disney and Pixar properties, including The Incredibles, Monsters University, The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Given the nature of the game -- which allows new characters and playsets to be added with the purchase of physical figurines -- it's easy to imagine Star Wars and Avengers properties being plugged in at any point. The real questions are: How long do we have to wait for the new Infinity characters to become available, and does this bring us any closer to seeing Buzz Lightyear in the Star Wars universe?