Marvel Teams With TEDxTeen With 'All-New Marvel NOW! Teen Heroes'

A digital sampler will accompany a presentation from editor Sana Amanat on "Myths, Misfits & Masks" about the publisher's use of positive representations of those outside the societal norm.
Sara Pichelli/Marvel Entertainment

Tomorrow sees the fifth annual TEDxTeen conference, a live event hosted by the We Are Family Foundation and, this year, focuses on "the crazy ones" -- independent thinkers who go on to achieve success and change the world. As part of the daylong event, Marvel Entertainment editor Sana Amanat will be talking about Ms. Marvel and the publisher's own contribution to the subject.

Amanat's presentation, "Myths, Misfits & Masks," will "address how societal constructs and stereotypes can impact the self-perception and self-worth of individuals -- in particular teens and adolescents who may be the most impressionable," according to the publisher, with Amanat, who edits Ms. Marvel as well as upcoming titles such as Captain Marvel and Elektra, demonstrating the value of positive portrayals of alternative role models as seen in Marvel's titles.

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The publisher will support the presentation with a free digital sampler released tomorrow. All-New Marvel NOW! Teen Heroes will be available from using a download code released during the presentation itself, which will be live-streamed online at and