Marvel Teams With Wounded Warrior Project For New Comic Book Storyline

Venom Space Knight - H 2016
<p>Venom Space Knight - H 2016</p>   |   Ariel Olivetti/Marvel Entertainment
The non-profit veterans organization will work with the company on upcoming 'Venom: Space Knight' issues dealing with post-prosthetic limb rehabilitation.

One of Marvel Entertainment's longest-serving characters is headed into new territory, with Flash Thompson — introduced as a classmate (and bully) of Peter Parker in 1963's Amazing Fantasy No. 15 — becoming the center of a comic book storyline created in partnership with the non-profit organization Wounded Warrior Project.

The storyline will see Thompson, who was revealed in 2008's Amazing Spider-Man No. 574 to have lost both his legs while serving as a soldier in Iraq, receive prosthetic legs and deal with the process of coming to terms with his new limbs and handle the rehabilitation necessary. Running in the new Venom: Space Knight series, the storyline will be written by Robbie Thompson with input from Wounded Warrior Project spokesperson (and double amputee) Dan Nevins.

"Working with Wounded Warrior Project has been an invaluable part of the process of writing Venom: Space Knight," Thompson said in a statement, adding that Nevins' input was "inspiring, generous and deeply moving, allowing us to create a more realistic character and story for the book. I'm forever grateful for their ongoing help and guidance."

Nevins added that, "while the story itself is clearly sci-fi/fantasy, this storyline will bring awareness to the very real struggle of the obvious and not-so-obvious challenges in having lost limbs in combat, and to ultimately showcase the fortitude and resilience of the warriors Flash Thompson represents."

The storyline will have to navigate a number of particular obstacles as it unfolds, not least of which are the facts that high-tech prosthetics are remarkably common in Marvel's comic book mythology (Currently, the Winter Soldier, Thor and Captain America supporting character Misty Knight all sport prosthetic arms) and Thompson had himself had prosthetic limbs via the Venom costume/symbiote since 2011's Amazing Spider-Man No. 654.

The new storyline, illustrated by Ariel Olivetti, begins in Venom: Space Knight No. 3, released Jan. 27 digitally and in comic book stores.