Marvel Teases Announcement of New Captain America

Steve Rogers will be replaced for the second time in the last decade as part of an upcoming storyline in the ongoing "Captain America" series.
Stuart Immonen/Marvel Entertainment

For the second time since 2008, Steve Rogers will find himself replaced as Marvel Entertainment’s Captain America in a new storyline beginning in this fall’s Captain America No. 25.

The introduction of a new Captain America will be the latest event in an ongoing storyline from writer Rick Remender that has already seen Rogers lose the Super Soldier Serum, transforming him from the familiar sentinel of liberty into the 90-year-old man that he should be. Not that his new situation means that he’s sitting back and taking it easy, according to Remender.

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“He’s basically orchestrating things and playing tactician, fighting against Zola, using his friends in the Avengers to try and do so,” the writer told in an interview accompanying news of a new Captain America. “He’s waging a war from a room rather than the front lines, which is new for Steve… He’s got all of his faculties and is still the super soldier he earned the right to be called; he just lacks the physical form.”

Rogers only reassumed the identity of Cap three years ago, following a three year stint from Bucky Barnes—better known to most as the Winter Soldier—in the role after Rogers’ presumed death in the high-profile “Death of Captain America” storyline by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Mike Perkins.

As to the identity of the new Captain America, neither Remender nor Marvel are spilling those particular beans just yet. However, preview art for the Avengers storyline “Time Runs Out,” which launches in September and takes place eight months ahead of the rest of the Marvel line not only features an older Steve Rogers, but also another character—presumed by many fans to be Sam Wilson, AKA the Falcon—holding the iconic shield.

In the past, Marvel has retconned Captain America’s origin to include a “prototype” super soldier called Isaiah Bradley, but if Wilson takes on the role, are we finally about to see the first official black Captain America in the concept’s 70+ year history?

Captain America No. 25 will be released digitally and in comic book stores this October.