Marvel Introduces Hulk/Wolverine Clone in 'Weapon H'

Other storylines revealed at New York Comic Con include the Punisher stealing Tony Stark's old armor.
Skan/Marvel Entertainment

What's the Next Big Thing for Marvel's publishing line? The answer takes the DNA of the Hulk and the Wolverine and shakes them together.

Announced Thursday during the Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con, the all-new series Weapon H will launch in March, spinning characters introduced in a recent crossover between the Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X titles into their own series. As the name might suggest, Weapon H is what happens when the Weapon X program that created Wolverine gets its hands on Hulk DNA. (The result is, as might be expected, somewhat violent.)

No creative team was named for the series, but executive editor Nick Lowe told the crowd that more information would be forthcoming.

Other storylines and series covered during the afternoon panel includes an upcoming run on Daredevil where Wilson Fisk becomes Mayor of New York — "The premise of this is that Kingpin is not just the Kingpin, he is the King," teased writer Charles Soule, who said that the finale of the story will do "something that has not been done to the characters before" — and a Punisher storyline where Frank Castle gets his hands on Tony Stark's technology.

Castle will steal James Rhodes' War Machine armor to fight back against a military coup abroad. "Basically, he wants to go to Europe and overthrow a government," teased writer Matthew Rosenberg. "He's the most dangerous character in the Marvel Universe just carrying a gun and a knife, and we give him a nuclear bomb. It's taking what's starting as a nightmare and accelerating it."

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