Marvel Teases Life Post-Daredevil In 'Man Without Fear' Comic Series

Man Without Fear - Publicity - P 2018
Kyle Hotz/Marvel Entertainment
The five-issue weekly explores what Hell's Kitchen will be like without Matt Murdock to defend it.

Marvel Entertainment isn’t saying for sure that Matt Murdock is going to die at the end of the current Daredevil comic book series, but the latest promotion for the replacement series sure makes it sound like he’ll be out of commission for one reason or another.

After announcing that the final storyline by writer Charles Soule will be called “The Death of Daredevil,” Marvel has revealed new information about The Man Without Fear, a five-part weekly comic book series that will replace the Daredevil comic in January, including covers for all five issues by artist Kyle Hotz.

According to Marvel, when the series launches, Daredevil “is NO MORE,” although why that is is left undisclosed. Marvel claims the weekly series will address the question of "how DO you live in a world without Daredevil?”

More importantly for Marvel, how does it survive in a world without a Daredevil comic? Tradition would suggest that a relaunch — and/or a replacement hero or resurrection — is in the immediate future, like All-New Wolverine launching in the wake of the original’s death in 2014.

Each issue of the series will focus on different characters in Daredevil’s immediate circle — Foggy Nelson, his fellow Defenders, former girlfriends and the Kingpin, as well as a mysterious character called “Guardian Devil,” according to Marvel’s earliest solicitation for the series — and demonstrate the current state of play in terms of the New York City vigilante scene.

Man Without Fear is set to launch Jan. 2 and continue weekly throughout the month.