Marvel Teases 'Weird' D23 Expo

Ahead of this weekend's Disney event, Marvel teases the first look at an 'all-new project coming from Marvel & Disney.'

Marvel Entertainment is getting up something weird this weekend.

The company released a teaser image today for the upcoming D23 Expo -- which opens this Friday, Aug. 9, and runs through Aug. 11 -- telling attendees to "ask for something WEIRD." The accompanying e-mail added that doing so would result in "your first look at an all-new project coming from Marvel & Disney!"

The phrasing of that last part is interesting. For Marvel-specific projects -- Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios or even Marvel Television -- the publisher tends to leave off any mention of its parent company; the wording might suggest that whatever "weird" thing is being teased could be more along the lines of a co-production between Marvel and Walt Disney Studios or some other Disney-branded sibling.

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What that could be remains a mystery, at least for now. There is, of course, speculation online. The Inside the Magic Disney fan blog suggests that Marvel may be producing a comic based on Museum of the Weird, a Disney concept that ultimately turned into the The Haunted Mansion, whereas comic site Newsarama puts forward the theory that an announcement about a Doctor Strange project may be forthcoming.

Expect an official announcement of the project -- among, undoubtedly, other big Disney-related news -- this weekend.