Marvel Teases Massive 'X-Men' Comic Book Relaunch in Spring 2017

"ResurrXion" will see new series for Iceman, Jean Grey and more.
Marvel Entertainment
"ResurrXion" will see new series for Iceman, Jean Grey and more.

This spring, Marvel Entertainment is planning its biggest X-Men-related comic book push in some years, with the launch of five new series featuring fan-favorite characters and concepts as part of a promotion called "ResurrXion."

The five titles — Iceman, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Generation X and Cable — were announced via promotional images released on Marvel's social media channels this week; creative teams have yet to be announced for any of the series, with the only information from Marvel being the tagline "ResurrXion: A Beginning" and the spring 2017 date on each image.

Of the five titles named, three are revivals (Weapon X, Generation X and Cable), while both Jean Grey and Iceman will be receiving their first ongoing monthly solo series. Not teased as yet is the new status of the X-Men groups; as part of the fall 2015 All-New, All-Different Marvel linewide relaunch, those series were relaunched as Uncanny X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men and All-New X-Men.

The promotional images are interesting in their own right, showing fragments of other images featuring title characters or groups at various points in their comic book careers — including, in the cases of Weapon X and Generation X, entirely different, previously disconnected versions of the concept or group. This mosaic approach manages to suggest a project that will encompass the entire history of each title, while remaining impressively vague as to the actual content of each series.

ResurrXion has previously been teased by Marvel as the third act in a story cycle launched by the current Death of X miniseries and continued by December's Inhumans vs. X-Men. The initial teasers for ResurrXion used the tagline, "An Ending. A Beginning"; given the five X-Men titles receiving "A Beginning," does that suggest that Marvel's many Inhumans titles might be facing "An Ending" to be announced soon?

See the five teaser images below.