Marvel Unveils a World Without Avengers in 'Heroes Reborn' Comic

Heroes Reborn Promo
Courtesy of Iban Coello/Marvel Entertainment
The new story imagines a world in which Tony Stark never became Iron Man and Captain America was never found after World War II.

Following up on social media teases last week, Marvel Entertainment has announced Heroes Reborn, a new comic book series spinning out of its Avengers series in which the Avengers don’t exist… and never have.

Following up on events in the Avengers series, reality has become fractured, and a Marvel Universe where history has been altered, with Tony Stark never becoming Iron Man, Wakanda remaining a mystery to the larger world, and Captain America never found encased in ice — and the position of world’s greatest superheroes filled by the Squadron Supreme of America. Only one man remembers the way things used to be, but can vampire hunter Blade really change the world back to the way it used to be?

Calling the series “maybe the wildest story I've ever put on paper,” writer Jason Aaron said in a statement about the series, “I got to cut loose on this and release my inner comic-reared child in a really profound way, and together with a cadre of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world that I'm pretty confident in saying is quite unlike any version of the Marvel Universe you've seen before. It grew out of the pages of my Avengers run, but kept getting bigger and bigger as it went, and the more pieces I put in place for this Reborn world, the more gleeful and excited I became. This project really stoked the fires of my love for comics in all the right ways.”

The series will be illustrated by Ed McGuinness, Aaron’s artistic partner on the regular Avengers series. It’s unclear what will happen to the Avengers series for the duration of Heroes Reborn.

Heroes Reborn launches digitally and in comic book stores in May.