Marvel Unveils 'Battleworld' Map Ahead of 2015's 'Secret Wars'

New York has apparently grown much, much bigger than anyone had guessed
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Ahead of its summer 2015 launch, Marvel Entertainment released a map of its next big storyline Secret Wars, teasing the worlds and concepts to feature in the comic book event.

The map of “Battleworld” follows up on the Secret Wars trailer released earlier this month, and lists locations familiar to longtime Marvel fans, as well as a couple of surprises — and three areas blacked out as “classified” for now. (Maps for comic books are clearly a thing now; DC Entertainment released a map of its fictional multiverse ahead of the launch of its The Multiversity series in August.)

Alongside a Manhattan that merges both the city of the “regular” Marvel Universe and the “Ultimate” imprint — now placed in the middle of a landmass that also includes “Egyptia” and something with the worrying name of “The Wastelands,” the map calls out such locations as “Domain of Apocalypse” (a reference to the Age of Apocalypse storyline named after the villain of the next X-Men movie), “2099” (presumably the future world of the Marvel 2099 imprint from the early 1990s) and “The Monarchy of M,” named for the successful mini-series House of M.

Names that may raise some eyebrows on the map include “Weirdworld,” which was the title of a short-lived fantasy series that appeared in issues of various Marvel anthologies in the late 1970s, “Marville,” named for a critically-derided series written by former Marvel vice-president Bill Jemas, and Westchester. Yes, the county in New York, which now shows up on a map very, very far from Manhattan. Apparently, Marvel remains very New York-focused even on alternate worlds from multiple dimensions.

Secret Wars, a comic book mini-series that Marvel has teased will also encompass tie-in consumer products and digital publications, will launch in May 2015. A larger version of the map can be found here.

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