Marvel Unveils 'Dawn of X' Trailer for Comic Book Relaunch

X MEN 001_cover - Publicity - H 2019
Lenil Yu/Marvel Entertainment
The six new 'X-Men' series will begin this fall.

Marvel Entertainment’s bold relaunch of its X-Men comic book property with the dual miniseries House of X and Powers of X has been met with considerable success both in terms of critical acclaim and sales success. The two six-issue series are only the start of writer Jonathan Hickman’s grand plans, and now Marvel is teasing what’s next with a new trailer for the Dawn of X comic book titles.

Announced in July at San Diego Comic-Con, Dawn of X is the branding given to the new line of X-Men titles launching in the wake of House and Powers, including an all-new X-Men comic written by Hickman himself. (Hickman also co-writes the New Mutants series debuting in the line.)

All told, six titles will make up Dawn of XX-Men, New Mutants, Excalibur, Marauders, X-Force and Fallen Angels — with the branding being described as the first wave of series planned by Hickman and Marvel. The line launches with the first issue of X-Men, to be released to comic book stores and available digitally Oct. 16, with new titles launching weekly from that point through mid-November.

Watch the Dawn of X trailer, below.