Marvel Unveils 'Last Days' Tie-In Branding to 'Secret Wars' Comic Event

Marvel Secret Wars - H 2014
"What would you do if you learned today was your last day on Earth?"

Now that Marvel has announced the end of its comic book universe with this summer's Secret Wars event, the company is doubling down on the doom and gloom of the entire situation with the announcement of "Last Days," a new branding for stories about characters facing their finales.

In a statement accompanying Marvel's announcement, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso asked "What would you do if you learned today was your last day on Earth? That's the question your favorite Marvel heroes are going to ask themselves in their 'Last Days' story lines as they brace for Secret Wars and the end of the Marvel Universe."

The statement describes "Last Days" as "the first of three different types of series" set during the larger Secret Wars event. According to Marvel's SVP Sales and Marketing David Gabriel, "each branding will bear its own unique trade dress and logo treatment, clearly defining its relationship to the main Secret Wars story."

The "Last Days" branding will debut on titles in May, the month that also sees the release of the first two issues of the core Secret Wars series.

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