Marvel Unveils X-Men Comic Event 'X of Swords'

X-Men X of Swords Promo-Mark Brooks/Marvel Entertainment- Publicity-H 2020
Courtesy of Mark Brooks/Marvel Entertainment
The 15-part storyline, announced at Chicago's C2E2, will begin this July.

A year after Marvel Entertainment relaunched the X-Men comic book franchise with the paired House of X and Powers of X miniseries, the publisher has announced the next stage of the evolution of the property: X of Swords, a storyline tying the various series together this summer.

Headlined by Jonathan Hickman, the writer behind last year’s relaunch, X of Swords will see 10 particular mutants rise to the defense of the mutant nation of Krakoa, each armed with what Marvel is calling “legendary blades, both new and familiar ones from Marvel history.” The resultant conflict will, according to Marvel, end up “impacting the entire X-Men franchise and setting the stage for the future of mutant kind.”

Assuming a similar wordplay to Powers of X — pronounced “Powers of 10” — it might be worth noting that the Ten of Swords is a Minor Arcana tarot card that represents destruction, with the swords traditionally representing being pinned down by mental anguish or a sense of hopelessness: feelings that aren’t entirely unknown to the X-Men in any given event storyline.

The crossover storyline was announced at Chicago’s C2E2 convention during the “Marvel Comics: X-Men” panel; although the length of X of Swords was revealed — 15 issues — no information about its launch was given beyond a July date, and no details of creators involved outside of Hickman. Mark Brooks illustrated the promotional image above, but even using that to try and find details might prove a fool’s errand; note that there are more than 10 characters to be found, each with their own swords.