Marvel Uses Eyeballs to Draw Eyeballs to 'Original Sin'

Fake eyeballs will be used as promotional giveaways to draw attention to the publisher's big summer event comic book.
Marvel Entertainment

Original Sin, Marvel Entertainment's big event comic of the summer, centers around the murder of longtime supporting character the Watcher -- and the mystery of his missing eyeballs, said to allow whoever holds them to see what he once saw. To raise awareness of the series, Marvel plans to let fans hold the eyes for themselves. Well, kind of.

Replica "eyes" -- in reality, bouncy balls decorated with an eye graphic, the logo of the series and the Marvel logo -- will be released to participating comic book specialty stores across North America to promote the series, which launches in May.

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This is far from the first time such promotional giveaways have been tried for comic book events; DC's 2009 series Blackest Night was supported by the release of replica Green Lantern rings, while 1992's Morbius the Living Vampire series was heralded by fake teeth being sent to comic stores.

Amounts of the promotional eyeballs available to retailers depends on their order levels for specific Marvel titles, a Marvel spokesperson told THR, but the eyeballs will also be made available for purchase on a distributor level.