Marvel Wants Fans to 'Vote Loki' This Summer

Vote Loki - P 2016
Tradd Moore/Marvel Entertainment
A new political comic book series starring Thor's half-brother will launch in June.

Finally, a politician that you can rely on — to lie to you.

Marvel Entertainment marked Super Tuesday with the announcement of Vote Loki, a new project that sees Thor's half-brother and self-proclaimed "Prince of Lies" running for political office. The reveal follows up on a Twitter tease from Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso last month.

Quite what Vote Loki actually is isn't exactly clear, however; Marvel's official release describes it as an "all-new series [that] places a different candidate on the ballot this presidential election season," with a launch date in June. No creative team was named, although a Marvel spokesperson told THR that announcement would be forthcoming.

This is far from the first time that superhero comics have tried to get involved in presidential politics. In 2000, DC Entertainment had a storyline that not only saw Lex Luthor run as an independent candidate, but actually win, becoming U.S. president for a number of years afterwards (much to the Man of Steel's chagrin).

In 2008, DC also published DC Universe Decisions, in which members of the Justice League came to blows over their political beliefs as they chased an assassin attempting to kill all presidential nominees. In Marvel's alternate "Ultimate Universe," Captain America was voted into office in 2012, an idea that had earlier been mooted in 1980's Captain America No. 250.

Additionally, the official Marvel Twitter account is currently asking fans whether they would vote for Loki if he was on the ballot: