Marvel's 'Ant-Man Prelude' Comic to Offer Glimpse of Hank Pym's Past

The original Ant-Man takes on the Cold War in the two-part storyline

If July’s release of Ant-Man seems too far away to get your fill of ant-sized superheroic antics, Marvel Entertainment has something for you. Next month sees the release of Ant-Man Prelude, a comic book prequel to the movie that reveals what the creator of the Ant-Man technology did with it before Paul Rudd came along.

“We love to be able to explore the backstories of our main characters so we can give fans a taste of what’s to come while also giving them that extra bit of insight that we sometimes aren’t able to include in the final feature simply due to running time,” Marvel Studios creative research director Will Corona Pilgrim told “For Ant-Man we get to have more time with Hank [Pym, as played by Michael Douglas in the movie] and his adventures wearing the suit.”

(This won’t be the only prelude to be released by Marvel this year; Corona Pilgrim also said a similar series for Avengers: Age of Ultron will focus on “how Loki’s scepter came to be in the possession of Baron Strucker like we saw in the tag at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”)

Corona Pilgrim explained that the two-issue Ant-Man Prelude series, which he will write with Miguel Sepulveda illustrating, will see Pym “on a field mission that pits him against a major distinguishing landmark of the Cold War: the Berlin Wall” during a time when Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union.

“The Cold War played a pivotal role in the post-World War II world and shaping what would become the agency we all know as SHIELD,” the writer said, noting that the spy organization’s “evolving position in the world [between its origins in the current Agent Carter television series and the era in the Ant Man Prelude] plays a big part in defining Hank Pym’s role as the Ant-Man.”

Ant-Man Prelude will be released in comic stores and digitally in February.

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