Marvel's Avengers Debut New Line of Collectibles from Jazwares (Exclusive)

Avengers Zoteki Series 1 - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Jazwares
The Zoteki collection is inspired by the 2013 comic book crossover 'Infinity.'

Toy company Jazwares has debuted Zōteki, a new collectible line of posed characters based on superheroes and movie characters.

The first collection is a line of Marvel’s Avengers figures, inspired by  a 2013 comic book crossover event titled “Infinity.” Avengers Zōteki Series 1 is made up of 4” collectible characters in battle-action poses with detailed bases that snap together to form a dynamic diorama display.

Series 1 features fan favorite characters Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Thanos authentically-detailed and posed for battle. Collectors can also hunt down a seventh character, a chase variant, to customize their display. Figures, intended for the 8+ group, are sold individually for $7.99.

(And if you’re wondering what the rare chase variant is, we’ll tell you. In fact, there’s two: an Iron Man MK 42 Armor version and a Target exclusive Iron Man – Silver Centurion figure.)

The figures will hit stores September 2020.  Future Zōteki lines will include Marvel’s X-Men and The Nightmare Before Christmas, which will released later in the fall.

Check out the images below.