Marvel's 'Civil War': Which Characters to Expect Appearances From

Spoilers for 'Ant-Man,' and disappointment for those who've already seen it.

If you thought that both of the post-credit sequences from Marvel's Ant-Man were teases for what'll come in next May's Captain America: Civil War, think again: according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, the newest Marvel hero won't appear in the next movie — so who will choose sides in the hero-vs-hero conflict?

Talking to /Film, Feige said that while Evangeline Lilly's Wasp will "certainly" appear in Marvel's "Phase 3" movies, "it won't be in Civil War." He went on to say that the character did appear in earlier drafts of the screenplay, but "there are so many characters in Civil War that we didn't want to do her a disservice, like she flies in, [says] 'I've got the costume now,' and she flies out."

Feige's comment about there being "so many characters" in the movie is an understatement; with the news of Lilly's non-appearance, that ramps the number of Earth-bound Marvel movie heroes not appearing to ... two. (The number increases when TV heroes like Deathlok and Daredevil are factored in.)

From official cast announcements, we know that the following heroes will all show up in Civil War: Captain America, Iron Man, The Falcon, The Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-Man, The Winter Soldier and — making their debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Spider-Man and Black Panther.

There will also be appearances by a number of familiar non-superhero faces, including Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp, reprising her Captain America: The Winter Soldier role) and Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt, returning to his Incredible Hulk role).

Missing from the official announcements so far are two of the founding cinematic Avengers, Hulk and Thor. Mark Ruffalo has said more than once that he's heard that he'll make an appearance in the movie, while Jaimie Alexander's comment that Civil War will include an Easter Egg for the following year's Thor: Ragnarok suggests that perhaps Chris Hemsworth won't be entirely absent due to Asgardian business after all.

Also absent from the announced cast are two names that have become part of the connective tissue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date: Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders).

With so many people vying for screen time in next year's superhero slugfest, perhaps it's a good thing that the Wasp won't show up in Civil War — but which of the other Phase 3 movies needs a small-time hero?