Marvel's 'Clone Conspiracy' Comic to Plague Spider-Man This Fall

Death is not the end anymore.
Courtesy of Alexander Lozano/Marvel Entertainment

Send in the clones.

Marvel Entertainment has released information about its fall Spider-Man comic book storyline "Dead No More," including the revelation that it won't actually be called "Dead No More" at all. Instead, the true title of the storyline is The Clone Conspiracy — and it'll be far bigger than initially expected.

The Clone Conspiracy will run across a five-issue series of the same name, as well as three issues of Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man and a number of other issues to be named at a later date, and bring back classic Spider-Man villain the Jackal … as well as many other characters considered dead for some time.

"We live in a day and age of comics where you’re always seeing another important death," writer Dan Slott — who'll handle the main series, and co-write the Amazing issues with Christos Gage — explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "'Here’s someone who dies!' We’re subverting all of that. Here’s people coming back."

The Jackal first appeared in 1974's The Amazing Spider-Man No. 129, with his most high-profile storylines all centering around the issue of cloning — he created a clone of the superhero in the 1970s, and returned in the 1990s for the much-maligned "Clone Saga" storyline that ran for more than three years, establishing and then denying that the Peter Parker that fans knew was actually a clone, with a "real" Peter Parker being introduced and later killed off.

This time around, he won't be cloning Peter Parker, however; his sights will be set on everyone else. "This is not your normal supervillain plan," editor Nick Lowe promised. "That's what makes [the Jackal's] evolution even more interesting."

The character has been setting plans in motion since last year's relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, apparently resurrecting dead loved ones in order to blackmail supervillains into doing his bidding.

The Clone Conspiracy launches in October.