Marvel's 'War of the Realms' Coming April 2019

War of the Realms - Publicity - H 2018
Russell Dauterman/Marvel Entertainment
The 'Thor' storyline spills across the entire comic book universe next year.

Following a title announcement at New York Comic Con last month, Marvel Entertainment has revealed some more information about War of the Realms, its 2019 event comic book series that will see mythological war erupt on Earth.

Written by Jason Aaron with art from his Thor collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, War of the Realms will be a six issue series released across three months — April, May and June — that, in the words of Marvel, "will feature ALL of Marvel’s biggest heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Panther, Venom and many more!"

The storyline is the culmination of a long-running thread that Aaron has been writing throughout his various Thor comics, beginning back in 2012, as Malekith the Accursed — the Dark Elf ruler of Svartalfheim — has assembled a coalition of ne’er-do-wells that has been in long-running opposition with forces led by Asgardian ruler (and Thor’s father) Odin. The conflict that has run across multiple mythical and dimensional locations will, next year, arrive on the Tenth Realm: Earth.

"I have been building towards War of the Realms for the entire duration of my Thor run. So we're talking six years and 80-something issues and counting," said Aaron. "This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe, as you can see in this amazing promo piece by my Mighty Thor collaborators, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, who I'm so thrilled to be working with again on War of the Realms."

The promotional art underscores the scale of the story, with everyone from the Punisher to the Avengers standing against the invasion. It also teases some more surprising elements, whether it’s Daredevil with a star field in his costume or Captain America astride a winged horse.

More information about War of the Realms will be released in coming weeks.